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Mark Zuckerberg, full name Mark Elliot Zuckerberg was born on 14th May, 1984  is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur, who is better known as founder and CEO of the most popular social networking site Facebook. His personal wealth is estimated to be $34.2 billion. Mark has been choosen the youngest billionaire in the world. Even a movie named "The Social Network" has been released in 2010 in which the rise of Facebook is portrayed and Jesse Eisenberg has been played the role of "Mark Zuckerberg". 

Together with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University students Andrew Mccollum, Dustin Moskovitz,chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin, Mark dispatched Facebook from Harvard's residence rooms. The gathering then presented Facebook onto different grounds across the nation and moved to Palo Alto, California presently thereafter. In 2007, at 23 years old, Mark turned into an extremely rich person as an issue of Facebook's prosperity. The quantity of Facebook clients overall arrived at an aggregate of one billion in 2012. Imprint was included in different lawful debate that were launched by others in the gathering, who guaranteed an offer of the organization based upon their association amid the improvement period of Facebook. Since 2010, Time magazine has named Zuckerberg among the 100 wealthiest and most persuasive individuals on the planet.

Mark Zuckerberg
 The company "Facebook" has a footprint in 25 countries, and the site is available in more than 70 languages. In October, Zuckerberg visited China -- where Facebook is banned -- wowing admirers there by speaking in fluent Chinese.

Mark Zuckerberg's New House
Two years ago, on May 19, 2012, Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot with his college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan. The wedding was a surprise for all of the guests, who thought they were attending a medical school graduation party for Chan. The couple met in line for the bathroom at a frat party 11 years ago. Now Chan has been dubbed the "first lady" of Facebook, and the pair have been extremely generous with their fortune.

Latest update From Mark Zuckerberg about their Daughter Max- Priscilla and I are so happy to welcome our daughter Max into this world! For her birth, we wrote a letter to her about the world we hope she grows up in. It's a world where our generation can advance human potential and promote equality -- by curing disease, personalizing learning, harnessing clean energy, connecting people, building strong communities, reducing poverty, providing equal rights and spreading understanding across nations. We are committed to doing our small part to help create this world for all children. We will give 99% of our Facebook shares -- currently about $45 billion -- during our lives to join many others in improving this world for the next generation.

Thank you to everyone in this community for all your love and support during the pregnancy. You've given us hope that together we can build this world for Max and all children.

Join our facebook community & stay updated- Click Here

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, has an estimated net worth of $56.3 billion in October 2016 according to Bloomberg. Based on the IPO price of $42 a share for Facebook, he sold 30 million shares on the stock’s debut day in order to raise cash to pay taxes, but he still had 503 million shares at the conclusion of the IPO. Even after losing $7.2 billion, Mark Zuckerberg is still among the 25 richest people in the world.
He is co-founder of the popular social networking site Facebook, of which he is chief executive and president. He runs the network of more than a Billion “friends” who announce births, deaths, breakups, share photos and harvest squash 30 billion times a month. The site is the second-most-visited worldwide, after Google; users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the site. The Harvard dropout even runs his own monetary system–Facebook Credits–to facilitate transactions. (Source:
Mark Zuckerberg's Pet Dog- BEAST
Zuckerberg has a cute pet dog, named Beast. Here is Beast's Facebook Profile. Here is Beast's description according to Facebook page. I am a Puli, which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog. I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon and now I live in Palo Alto with Mark and Cilla. I am extremely cute.  I belong to Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

Mark Zuckerberg Office Contact Information

1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: 650-543-4800
Fax: N/A

Mark zuckerberg Email Address

Mark Zuckerberg's email address is not given out to the general public. He has a public Facebook profile where anyone can follow him.

Mark Zuckerberg Social Profiles

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Official

Mark Zuckerberg Twitter Official Account- n/a

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    3. Karen Ferrandi27 July 2016 at 13:34

      I have politely and informatively tried THREE times to Contact Mr. Z regarding a RARE and fatal genetic disease called CANAVANS which affects mainly Ashkenazi Jews It is an orphan disease ..there is no cure..we raise money for RESEARCH via donations and fundraisers from just family and friends and even have had a mother whose son just passed way last year from the disease lobby tirelessly in Washington DC. Mr Zuckerberg comes from one town away from where I was raised..he is Jewish..he has a HEALTHY child..WHY then cannot someone on his staff AT LEAST respond to my three posts asking for a contact. He is 6th richest man in the happy he has a healthy child..we unfortunately don't. At least have the common decency to have a staff member is understood he gets thousands of requests for help..but why not at least show some respect and contact us regarding this horrific disease and listen to what I am asking? I can accept rejection..I cannot accept being blatently ignored and dismissed on behalf of these beautiful precious ill children. Thank you here...I will not give up the good fight to save the children. Karen Ferrandi

  2. Why Facebook asking people for some type of id information and why is this ..

    1. I pointed this out to the FB staff, that in a quote last year he stated "Real Name" Is not necesarrily a "legal Name" It is supposed to be what people know you by. My name is know by over a thousand FB user in one group I belong to. I belong to several. One was a group dealing with Cirrhosis (which I have a great deal of experience as I myself have idiopathic End Stage liver Disease, and the other a general Liver Disease info site. My own family (what is left, know me by this name.

      Basically what it appears to be is some admins are taking definition not in line with the Big Boss. I think they should be held accountable. I was when I was in IT every misstep.

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  14. Hi Mark, I know u are currently developing a 'dislike' button for Facebook but doesn't want to name it dislike due to the negative weight this word carries. As such i was thinking what about an 'ish''s not like nor dislike but more in between of some of this and some of that so that no clear distinction can be made. Hopefully this detracts negativity from the use of the button :)

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    1. He won't, wanna know why? All his staff are from Isis, India, and other foreign countries. What do u think of a man that invents something that he can no longer control? He should of never invented what he can control. I got banned for 30 days just posting a car pic!! No nudity, nothing inappropriate, and no ppl were in that pic period. I called the fb office and they hung up on me 6 times!!! That really pissed me off then. Its a bunch of foreigners that run fb now. So its useless to ask em for anything. We should all get together and sue Mark Zuckerberg for not controlling what he invented. He just wanted to get rich. I wanted messenger off of my page and the fb center was trying to scam me out of $100 just to take messenger off my page. Fb is free and so is messenger. Idk who the hell they think they're fooling because it sure as hell ain't me!!! Fb needs sued and needs to be removed for good. There are other ways to keep in touch with family and friends

    2. We should sue Facebook and the founders and inventers of Facebook because they don't do their jobs!!!!

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  159. I"ll start with this. You really should do something about how you all run FB. I have my account suspended for using the term "black person" are you serious? really? yet I have reported many times where I have seen black people calling white people HONKEY and other derogatory names. are you that much of a racist against white people? I do not have to be sorry for being white Like you do. I never owned no slave and have less rights than the minorities I live around. do you think that is right? I dont have white privilege and neither do my two little boys and yet we have to put up with (mostly black people) acting like animals anytime I take my family out somewhere like to the movies or to eat. and then have to deal with these same kind of animals on FB because they can say what ever they want with out any problems. but let a white person say the word Mexican or black person and you suspend their account? really Mark. I got something for you then.

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