Top 5 Customer Care Complaints in India

Happy customers are the best thing about a business. The felicity of another person caused by your services gives internal satisfaction and hopes in humanity. Money should not be the prime focus of a business, whether small or huge, rather the quality of services should be. However, there are ups and downs in every aspect of life. The circumstances might not be perfect for everyone at every stage. You cannot get 5 stars throughout, what would you learn then?

There are some customers who either get displeased during the dealing or after the order is delivered or services are provided. If circumstances go against a business and the services were not accurately provided, then every renowned business owner has an area of the company that is dedicated to sorting out of the customer complaints. Rather than talking negatively about the company in general and giving downbeat reviews on their platforms, customers are encouraged to register complaints regarding their deals and products so that the company can own up to their mistakes and resolve the matter.

In order to avoid mismanagement in the first place, below are mentioned the general top 5 customer complaints registered in India.
Top 5 Customer Care Complaints in India
1. Bad Service: One of the pressing matters regarding complaints is about the bad service of the company in general. What is bad service? Bad services are caused by a number of reasons and is basically the inability of the company to meet up the good and standard conduct. These reasons might include poor communications, lack of responsiveness from the company, impolite behaviour of the crew, contradictory or discriminatory arguments put forth and plainly unnecessary costs stated. 
2. Unnecessary Emails and Texts: Unnecessary emails and texts are indeed one of the most irritating things to see on mobile phones and email’s inbox. Yes, it is understandable that you are trying to promote your business as much as possible, but it nags most people to see irrelevant messages sent especially when they are expecting an important message. So complaints are lodged against this one too. 

3. Unnecessary Calls: When people opt for certain service they do not opt for unnecessary calls and marketing done by the company. And unnecessary is by all means very unnecessary. An email or a call once in a blue moon and relative to the requirements of the customer would be great but not all the time. That is just too off. And out of frustration people complain about it then. 

4. Wrong Deliveries: These are those complaints made by customers who receive orders or deliveries, which are either out of order or the ones they did not ask for. This is also one of the top five complaints made by customers.

5. Repeating The Requirements: The last thing a seller would want to do is to irritate the buyer to an extent that they lose interest. Asking for requirements is not bad at all, in fact, it is a good thing. But, the bad thing starts when the buyer is asked to repeat the requirements several times and to different people. That is, in other words, mismanagement. And heavy complaints have been lodged against it.

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  1. Nice information to get all info on customer care numbers.

  2. Well explained but in my case 2nd point unnecessary emails they send.

  3. Good one. Second and third one is most irritating for me.

  4. People got irritated with all kind of spam emails. There should be one filter in gmail to avoide those kind of emails.