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When husband is not able to assist in artificial insemination, sperm donors are needed. The potential donor has to undergo comprehensive screening tests to rule out any diseases and physical evaluation along with genetic analysis. Read on to know the criteria for becoming a sperm donor.
Apollo Gleneagles Heart Centre
Apollo Gleneagles Heart Centre
A certain fertility clinic has interestingly mentioned a heap of qualities that should mark a sperm donor. He is supposed to be “intelligent, creative, charismatic, one who embodies passion and enthusiasm in every area of his life.” These are all qualities that are required in a sperm donor apart from the usual physical characteristics. It has been found that sperm donors come from all walks of life and they can well have a wide array of personality, value and skill.There are a lot of men who file applications to become a sperm donor. Amongst them usually just 5% clear the criteria.

Procedure for Sperm Donor’s Screening

The screening process can be categorised into:

Family Background Check - A detailed interview about the sexual behavior of the person is taken. This includes a check on the family background and the clinic would like to have satisfactory reasons on why the man is interested in sperm donation. He is expected to clearly answer queries related to his family history. In certain cases, the clinics might ask questions related to three generations preceding him. The information gathered is then evaluated.

Semen Analysis - The specimen semen is collected for semen analysis. The sperm count is checked along with two other important factors like sperm cell motility and normal sperm morphology.

Medical  and Genetic Tests - The potential sperm donor must have clear results for HIV, Hepatitis B and C apart from several other associated tests. The ABO-Rh factor blood typing is also carried out.A genetic testing is also done to see whether the sperm would be a potential carrier for cystic fibrosis.
The clinic or the sperm bank takes eight weeks to six months before giving a clearance certificate for sperm donation. According to regulations, a donor is eligible to sire for ten successful pregnancies. Sperm donation is mostly motivated by money than any altruistic thoughts. 

The Sperm Collection Process

The donor is taken to a private room which is fairly stocked with pornographic materials. He is instructed to masturbate and collect his semen in a sterile container. This sample is then mixed with cryo-preservative solution. After dividing it in aliquots, it is sealed in vials and frozen with liquefied nitrogen. This frozen semen sample is stored at a cool storage (-321 o F). As per requirement, the semen is used during artificial insemination.

Is it Legal in India?

Yes, Sperm Donation is very much legal in India. You can be a sperm donor if you want to be. However, there are few things that you need to know as a sperm donor. Usually laws have complete disregard for the sperm donor when it comes to biological link to the child. In simpler words it means a sperm donor has no right to claim custody or parental rights to the child that came into existence because of your donated sperm. Although the law varies country to country but this is the fact that you need to keep in your mind before you become a sperm donor.

How Society and Your Family See You as a Sperm Donor?

Before you become a sperm donor you need to consider few things in mind. The first thing is are you going to tell your friends, parents and other family members that you are going to be a sperm donor. It is important to know because society in general may not have a positive few of donating sperm. Sperm donation may be a very good idea when it comes to making money on part time basis however it cannot be your full time job. I am pretty much sure that your family members would not be happy if you tell them that you are a sperm donor. First of all it could happen that they might not know what sperm donation is, so you got to explain them and that in it is a challenge. Hence you have to make a mind whether you are going to tell them or keep it a secret because many sperm donor keep anonymity.

Who All and Why they Need Them?

Now you are done with the ethical issue of dealing with society and your family, you need to know who all need your sperm and why do they need them. Basically there are three kinds of people who are looking out for your sperm.

1. Straight Couples Facing Infertility – If a married couple is not able to procreate because of infertility or other medical reasons then they look out for sperm donors.

2. Single Women – Second category is of single women. These women don’t want to get married but they want to experience parenthood so they seek sperm donors.

3. Lesbians Couples – The third interesting group of people that seek sperm donors are lesbians couples. Two women are married to each other and they want a baby then they look for sperm donors. So these are three general categories of people who seek your sperm. Now why do they need them? Well obviously for having a baby that they can’t have otherwise.

What Could Be Disadvantages of Being a Sperm Donor?

Finally, are there any disadvantages being a sperm donor like any medical issues. Although sperm donation could be completely anonymous and no one would come to know that you are donating sperm. However, the societal issues and pressure from your family is the only problem that you could face being a sperm donor. Otherwise, there are no such medical problems being a sperm donor. Because you donate once a week at best.

Sperm Bank Kolkata Contact Details

Address of Sperm Bank Kolkata- 48/1 Floor, Apollo Gleneagles Heart Centre, Gariahat, Kolkata.
Contact Number of Sperm Bank Kolkata- 03366342631
Email Address of Sperm Bank Kolkata- N/A
Website of Sperm Bank Kolkata- N/A

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