July, 2019 New Articles

Heeyy, Hi, I'm Sourajit Saha with 6 more new articles this time. All have been published on July. You can check this article if you forget your parental control's password- What To Do If You Forget Your Parental Control’s Password? check here is your amazon firestick is not in range and here is how to fix it-  [Fixed] Amazon Fire Stick Not In Range  check here for directv hd extra pack- Looking into DirecTV pack? Check out the HD Extra Pack.

fire stick's battery's draining fast? then this article is here for you- Amazon’s Fire Stick TV Remote Battery’s Draining Very Fast. Can you watch amazon prime of your television? here is the solution- Can I Watch Amazon Prime On My Smart TV? and last but not the least important, if you lost unfortunately your firestick remote,how to get rid of it- Forgot Your Fire Stick Remote? Here Are Something You Can Do. Hope you will like them. More articles are coming soon! 


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