Yo Yo Honey Singh Phone Number Contact Address Email-ID

Heyy buddies, are looking for popular Indian rapper Honey Singh's phone number, contact address? Then you are at right place. In this article, we will provide you Honey Singh's contact address, phone number, website, email id and many more with reference of the official address.  You can find the contact information along with Official Facebook & Twitter account URL.

 Honey Singh was born on 15th march, 1983. His original name is Hirdesh Singh, who is better known as 'Yo Yo Honey Singh' is an Punjabi Indian rapper, music producer, singer and film actor. Just in a few years, he has become the highest paid musician in Bollywood. He is one of the most famous singer in Bollywood industry too. He was first recognized after his debut song in a Hindi film 'Shakal Pe Mat Ja' featuring Gagan Sidhu. His unbeatable music has given him a strong base in bollywood. He is married and his wife's name is Shalini Singh. 
Yo Yo Honey Singh Phone Number Contact Address Email-ID
As the artist gained huge popularity recently by his music compositions and ultimate raps. So it is quite obvious that he will get this much amount of fan following. Hence, we are sharing the full contact details with reference of the official information release by Honey Singh.

Awards Received By Honey Singh
  • The ETC award for the Best sound in 2006 for Glassi
  • The PTC award for the Best Folk Pop Award 2009 for Rebirth
  • PTC Punjabi Best Music Director 2010 for song Desi Daroo
  • PTC Punjabi Best Music Director 2011 for album The Folkstar
  • PTC Punjabi Best Music Director 2012 for album I.V.(International Villager)
Yo Yo Honey Singh Official Contact Details
We are sharing full official contact details which are available on internet. It includes the office address, phone numbers, contact email ID, mobile numbers, email ID and official website.
Yo Yo Honey Singh Office Address : (Not available now, we will update it as soon as possible)
Yo Yo Honey Singh Phone Number : Asheesh Jain : +91-9814044124, Anup Kumar : +91-9872666363

For all the Bookings and Enquiries please contact : (+91) 95999 34418, (+91) 95999 34419
These numbers can be used for booking queries and other information related to Yo Yo Honey Singh schedule, concerts, shows etc. The officials request you to contact on these given numbers only. Don’t run behind any XYZ event managers and agents.
Yo Yo Honey Singh Official Website: www.yoyohoneysingh.com
Official Facebook Fan Page : www.facebook.com/YOYOhoneysingh
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For bookings of shows, concerts, events, live performance and appearance of Yo Yo Honey Singh. You can contact by using the official contact page. The available contact form can also be used for instant contact.

You can find songs and compositions of Yo Yo Honey Singh online here to listen and purchase online.

You can check the photos and albums of Yo Yo Honey Singh concerts and shows by following the above link.
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  3. best and high demanded singer of india. but he is very sick from last year. hope he well soon.
    i have a one wish i love one song which i want to listen in honey singh's voice.
    here is that song: Teri yaad Sath Hai Rahat fateg ali khan

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