Reason Behind The Fight Between Salman Khan And Arijit Singh

Bollywood main singer Arijit Singh ka career kuch insecure lagta hai, kyun ki wo ek unnecessary matter main Salman ke saath khudko involved kiya. Pehle ek award show ka video main humne dekha ki Arijit Salman aur Ritesh ko pucha- “Aap Logo Ne Toh Sula Diya”.

At this consequence, Salman ne kaha, “Aur isme humara koi dosh nahi hai, agar aise gaane bajte rahenge.” Agar tum abhi tak nehi dekha woh award show ka video, toh yahan se dekho. 
Is incident ke baad Salman ne 'Sultan' se Arijit ka gaana nikal diya. Report says Arijit ek romantic gaana gate the 'Sultan' ke liye. Iske baad Arijit ne Saman se mafi manga openly on his facebook wall, though he delete kar diya wo post ek ghanta baad. Arijit Singh literally begged for apology from Salman Khan and requested him not to remove the romantic track he sang for his “Sultan”.

Though Arijit delete kar diya wo post, still we have the screenshot of it. Take a look.
Is post se tum samjhoge uska dard aur trauma, aagar bollywood industry se uska career khatam ho jaye! kyun ki sab logo ne janta hai Salman Khan is industry ka godfather. Agar tum dhyan se usko apology dekha to tumhare bare main bhi uske liye ek soft corner zarur ayega. 

However, lagta hai ye post zyada kafi nehi hai mafi mange k liye. Ab Arijit personally jaana chahte hai Bhaijaan ka ghar pe mafi mangne ke liye. Haan, tum sahi sunte ho. Ek interview main Arijit kaha, “I tried to reach him last night as well but in vain. So I resorted to a social media apology hoping it will reach him. I knew people would misinterpret it and when it instigated arguments, I thought I should remove it. I am not in Mumbai at the moment or I’d have gone to his apartment last night. I am going to do that once I am back. I have hopes that he will be fine with me one day.”Srif ye nehi, Arijit aur bhi kaha, ‘I’ll meet Salim saab as well. I know Salman Khan has a big heart and he will definitely forgive me.”

Aab tum sab logo ne janna chahte wo ki actually wo incident kya tha. Arijit Singh us award show ka raat main Mumbai Mirror ko ek interview ne bola, “I was also nervous as it was my first awards show. Salman Khan looked at me and started to laugh as I obviously didn’t look like a winner in casuals and slippers. When he asked me if I had fallen asleep, it slipped out of my mouth from nervousness and embarrassment. It wasn’t directed at him or anyone in particular but I knew I shouldn’t have said it. I am a huge fan of Salman’s work and I felt terrible. When he hugged me on the stage, I apologised in his ear and went back. The same night I texted him a “sorry” and followed it up with a long apology note. He replied in the morning with a rebuke and advised me on how to behave. But he added that he was okay, which made me happy and relieved. It was only later that I realised he wasn’t. I have been apologising for almost three years now.”

Jab Mumbai Mirror ne Salman ka Spokesperson ne pucha is incident ka bare main, wo kaha, “We would not like to comment on the matter and we will not be releasing any official quote soon about the Facebook post as well. This is a non-issue!”

Both Arijit aur Salman ne Bollywood industry ka popular face hain, dono bhi hamare desh ka pride hai, toh humne manga ki un dono ki beech main saab kuch thik ho jaye! All the best both of them from Indian Celeb Info team. Stay connected for more updates about it.


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