Top 27 Funny & Hilarious KRK Memes And Tweets

Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. Among the list of controversies he has created, we bring to you 10 things you really don't want to know about KRK. Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, is back in news for two reasons. First, Ek Villain, where he did a bit special appearance, is a hit. Second, his Twitter war with ace comedian Kapil Sharma.

KRK loves controversies. He stays in news as long as controversies last. One day he is throwing things in the Bigg Boss house, the next day he is rapped for abusing celebrities. One day he is Samajwadi Party candidate in Mumbai, dropped like hot potato the next day. We bring to you 10 things you really don't want to know about KRK.
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KRK is a classic case of a Twitter nobody turning into a celebrity in just a span of a few years. Actors, directors, producers have all dragged him through hell for his comments on someone's body or someone's film, but KRK is not the one to back off. Some time ago, he went on to launch his own website, where he reviews films (that 'critic' in his bio, remember?)... basically, sits in front of a camera and abuses the hell out of films he doesn't like (and that list is a LONG one). He spares no one, until, of course, they take him to court.
He has a history of attacking women reviewers on Twitter for their reviews of a film he doesn't like (and I speak from a firsthand experience), drawing some otherworldly analogy between a woman's marital status and her reviews; and then, once he's brought to book, deleting the obnoxious tweets. He's done it with his own reviews and demeaning tweets.
Here's a look at some of KRK's major Twitter fights with B-Towners (the MAJOR fights. A look at all his fights with B-Town people will require a novel.)

KRK vs Sonakshi Sinha:

KRK tried to conduct a 'Best Butt Survey' on Twitter when Sonakshi decided to hit back at him. "Please RT this if u think @kamaalrkhan is a woman disrespecting waste of space and deserves to be hung upside down and given 4 tight slaps," was Sinha's tweet for KRK.

KRK vs Shah Rukh Khan:

The man took on the superstar his name reminds one of too. Before Narendra Modi took the Prime Minister's seat, KRK put out a fake tweet with a photo of Shah Rukh promising to 'leave the country' if Modi became the PM. Shah Rukh hit back at KRK on Twitter, "Good time to tell all fools who r talking of a tweet that I didn't tweet, u suck as much as the grammar of that fake tweet & I'm being kind."

However, off and on, he also posts pictures of SRK with the children of KRK, boasting about the King Khan's proximity to the Irritating Khan.

KRK vs Sunny Leone:

The Indo-Canadian adult-star-turned-Bollywood-actor had the best responses of 'em all when KRK tried to attribute a fake statement to her. He tweeted, "Yeh lo...Sunny Leone says, 'Rape is not a crime; it's just surprise sex." Leone went to the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of the Mumbai Police and lodged a complaint against the man.

KRK vs Bipasha Basu:

A man as subtle as a gun, KRK once tweeted about Bipasha Basu's boobs. "Believe me I go crazy when Bipasha move her boobs on the song Bipasha of Jodi breakers. (sic)" Basu retorted, "There is a lot of filth in this world and I don't think we should give these filthy, lecherous remarks any importance."

KRK vs Vikram Bhatt:

A few weeks ago, KRK found himself on the receiving end of Vikram Bhatt's ire. Khan tweeted, "Ab aapko pata hai ki Vikram Bhatt sahab ne jis jis ko bhi kaha ki main aap ko superstar bana doonga, voh Amisha Patel hoSushmita Sen hovoh jin ko bhi kehte hainvoh bechari ghar baith jati haiToh zahir si baat hai, Meera Chopra ke saath bhi ye hi hona tha. (sic)"

Here are some epic memes of KRK, collected from allover internet!

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