Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number

ClubFactory is the Mobile Application which is popular across the World for its latest designs and clothing. They have 1000 plus designer’s from Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway. England, Japan, and More. They design fashionable clothe’s for the users of Club Factory. Recently. they have launched there “Application” in India on Android and iOS platform because they know that India is a growing market and they would get the very good amount of genuine customer’s from this Market. Main competitors are,,,, and More.
Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number
Demands are met by the factories which are located in more than 8 countries. Their main motive is to satisfy all Customer’s who are doing business with them. So. they have a specific department whose name is “Customer Support” and the responsibility of this department is to help all of there customer’s in case of any emergency.
Note- Please don’t share your Payment Details like Credit Card Number, CVV Number, and Password because our visitor’s are facing this issue. Some frauds are Calling them and asking for this payment information.
We are sharing all possible way’s which could be helpful in making contact with there “Support Team”.
Club Factory Customer Email Id- [email protected]
For any kind of urgency, this is one of the best ways which is used by many users. In addition, you can also share your vies about there services. You can also ask them about the process of Return, Refund, Replacement, and Cancellation.
Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number- +86057186891965 & +18557396868
We have shared two Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number which can be contacted at the time of help. They both could be chargeable. This is the most recommended way of contacting their support team. You can also complain through above Club Factory Customer Care Complaint Number.
Customers should have a right to know all other possible way’s to get help and support. They have a “Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)” section which can be accessed by its “Mobile Application” Only.
To Use this Support, please follow the below Steps.
1- Download its “Mobile Application” from your Mobile Store.

2- Open the “App” and Click on Support Link which is given at right corner at the Bottom.

3- You will be redirected to a Page where you can get support related to Order’s, Shipping, Payment, Return, Product, Account, Feedback, and Service.

4- Open any of them and you will get the list of Question’s with there Answer’s related to that Category.
Here we are sharing some issues or problems which have to face customers during and after the shopping like –
Q: What is the Club Factory Product’s Shipping Charges in India?
A: If you are buying the product over Rs.1949 then Shipping charges otherwise have to ay shipping charges Rs.129.88
Q: Can I cancel my Order?
A: If your product has been shipped then you can not cancel your order. Only before the shipping your products, you can cancel your products.
There are available lots of question and issues regarding Club Factory Customer Care in FAQ Section, where you can find your solution.
First of All, contact their “Support Team” via there Email Address because many of there user’s have reported that they are facing issues in making the connection via above shared “Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number”.
We urge all of our viewers, please don’t purchase anything from them because they are not delivering any product’s after receiving the payment. If you want to purchase anything than choose “Cash on Delivery” as a payment option.
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  1. I had ordered one blazer 2 months back and returned with in 1 day because of size issue.

    Till today 24th April they did not refund my money. Please suggest how can I get this?

    Order num - CF200065D

  2. Club factory customer care number 7482099370 6206810770

  3. Club factory customer care help number...8116003223...9572507392
    Club factory customer care help number...8116003223...9572507392
    Club factory customer care help number...8116003223...9572507392

    Club factory customer care help number...8116003223...9572507392

    Club factory customer care help number...8116003223...9572507392
    Club factory customer care help number...8116003223...9572507392

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