Some Amazing Pictures of Sourajit Saha (Taken from IG)

In the previous article, we appriciated Sourajit for making successful websites like Even he is quite active on Twitter. publishes an article about some of his recent tweets, where Sourajit Saha shared some of his pictures. The interesting fact is that all of those pictures are monochrome (black and white).

Here in this article we will share some of his Instagram photos. Hopefully you all will like these stuff. According to him, this is his first IG account and he created this account to store his pictures. He basically treated this account as a cloud storage. Later he posted pictures regularly, and then archived them. More than 700 pics are in his archive. Anyway, here we gonna share his few Instagram pictures. 

Here is the first one, monochrome, wearing a batman tshirt. Tattoos are visible partly.

Second one has been clicked by his best friend Uttiyo Dey. Really great click, no doubt.
This one has been clicked byone of his photographers- Sudip. It was a continuous shoot, and after 300-400 shots, he requested him to stop the camera, and the photographer beautifully captured it.

This is the last one. Captured by Uttiyo. A few years ago. It's one of his fav pictures. He posted this on Facebook too, and claimed himself as a "poster boy".

Hopefully you like these shots. We will share more and more about him. If you want to contact Sourajit, follow this page. Stay tuned.

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