Does PM Narendra Modi Know English?

Yes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to have proficiency in the English language. While his primary language is Hindi, he has demonstrated his ability to communicate effectively in English on numerous occasions.

During his international visits, Modi has delivered speeches and interacted with foreign leaders and dignitaries in English. He has also addressed global forums such as the United Nations General Assembly in English, showcasing his command of the language.

Does PM Narendra Modi Know English?

In addition to official engagements, Modi has utilized social media platforms, particularly Twitter, to communicate with a global audience. His tweets are often posted in both Hindi and English, allowing him to reach a wider range of people, including those who are more comfortable with English.

It is worth mentioning that although Modi is fluent in English, he predominantly communicates in Hindi for domestic addresses and interactions within India. This is to cater to the linguistic diversity of the Indian population, where Hindi serves as one of the official languages.

Overall, Narendra Modi's proficiency in English enables him to effectively communicate with the international community, participate in global discussions, and engage with leaders from around the world.

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