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Are you searching for cardiologists in Kolkata? Then you are at right place. In this article we will provide you all best cardiologists in kolkata, along with address and phone number. Check the whole article and find your nearest one.

Doctor's Name- Dr. Sunil Ranjan De
Address- 1a/8,Ram Lal Agarwala Lane,Sinthee, Kolkatta-700050
Phone Number- +91-33-25576156

Doctor's Name- Dr. Pranab Narayan Biswas
Address- Ground Floor, 79, Kankulia Road, Ballygunge, Kolkatta-700029
Phone Number- +91-33-24612559

Best Cardiologists in Kolkata

Clinic's Name- Heart Care Centre
Address- Cb 124,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +91-33-23372468

Doctor's Name- Dr. Ajit Kr Banerjee
Address- 98,Baburam Ghosh Road,Regent Park, Kolkatta-700040
Phone Number- +91-33-24714148

Doctor's Name- Dr. Debasish Mukhopadhyay
Address- 24, Pgs (N), Brahminpara Nimta, Barrackpur, Kolkatta-700119
Phone Number- +91-33-25922240

Doctor's Name- Dr. Malin Baran Ghosh
Address- 8,Belgachia Villa Bl Q M I G Hsg,Belgachia, Kolkatta-700037
Phone Number- +91-33-25565397

Doctor's Name- Dr Achintya Krishna Deb
Address- 56/1, Rajshekar Bose Sarani, Bhowanipur, Kolkatta-700025
Phone Number- +91-33-24753766

Doctor's Name- Dr. Anil Kanti Das Gupta
Address- Gate 12, Darasatr Railway,Barasat, Kolkatta-700124
Phone Number- +91-33-25423095

Doctor's Name- Dr. Animesh Chakraborti
Address- 14/2, M C Chowdhary Road, Kolkatta-700042
Phone Number- +91-33-24425332

Doctor's Name- Dr. A K Ghosh 
Address- 71/2, Satyen Roy Road, Behala, Kolkatta-700034
Phone Number- +91-33-24682586

Doctor's Name- Dr. Arup Kr Sahu
Address- Gc12,Fl-B3, Anjali Appt, Narayantala West, Baguiati, Kolkatta-700059
Phone Number- +91-33-25766602

Doctor's Name- Gupta Dr Barun Kumar
Address- 19/4,A K Mukherjee Road,Nawapara, Kolkatta-700090
Phone Number- +91-33-25313866

Doctor's Name- Dr. Mihir Kr Sen
Address- 58/1,P Barua Sarani,Fl 131,Ballygunge, Kolkatta-700019
Phone Number- +91-33-24615004

Doctor's Name- Dr. Alok Majumder 
Address- Bh76,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +91-33-23596440

Doctor's Name- Dr. Samit Roy
Address- 71/B, Bagbazar Street, Kolkatta-700003
Phone Number-  +91-33-25330382

Doctor's Name- Dr. Ranjan Kr Das
Address- 15/2,Sisir Bagan Road,Behala, Kolkatta-700034
Phone Number- +91-33-24685538

Doctor's Name- Dr Amitabh Ghose
Address- Da 204,Bl Da,Salt Lake City,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +919830024129

Doctor's Name- Dr Jyotish Chandra Ghosh 
Address- Fe 9,Salt Lake, Sector III,Sech Bhavan, Kolkatta-700091
Phone Number- +91-33-23344969

Doctor's Name- Dr. Saraswati Das
Address- Karunamoyee C14,3,Sech Bhavan, Kolkatta-700091
Phone Number- +91-33-23590166

Doctor's Name- Dr Sudhansu Sekhar Chatterjee 
Address- Flt No R3, 12, Andul Rai Road, Kalighat, Kolkatta-700026
Phone Number- +91-33-24740054

Doctor's Name- Dr Pranab Kr Biswas
Address- Bl A,As18/2,Gorakshabasi Road,Dum Dum, Kolkatta-700028
Phone Number- +91-33-25592081

Doctor's Name- Dr Himansu Kr Dasmahapatra 
Address- 8/2,Dr U N Brahmachari Sarani,Loudon Street,5th Fl,Loudon Manor, Kolkatta-700017
Phone Number- +91-33-22814443

Doctor's Name- Dr. Aftab Khan
Address- 1050/1 Fl-Ud-02-601,Survey Park; Udita,Santoshpur, Kolkatta-700075
Phone Number- +91-33-24188761

Doctor's Name- Dr. Subhra Datta 
Address- 22A, Mandeville Gdns Mukut Fl-W5, Ballygunge, Kolkatta-700019
Phone Number- +91-33-24402631

Doctor's Name- Dr Mousumi Ghosh
Address- 17C,Mandeville Gdns Bungalow,Ballygunge, Kolkatta-700019
Phone Number- +91-33-24603987

Doctor's Name- Dr. Subharendu Datta
Address- 11A/A,North Road,Jadavpur, Kolkatta-700032
Phone Number- +919830051125

Doctor's Name-  Dr Kajal Ganguly 
Address- Da124,Salt Lake Swapna Bl-Da Sector-I,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +91-33-23217788

Doctor's Name- Dr Syed Ahmed Ferozin 
Address- 50A, Phears La, Tiretta Bazar, Kolkatta-700073
Phone Number- +91-33-22378788

Doctor's Name- Dr Tapas Kr Chakraborty 
Address- Hb325/2,Salt Lake City,Akansha,Sec-3, Kolkatta-700091
Phone Number- +91-33-23595334

Doctor's Name-  Dr. Amal Kr Mukherjee 
Address-  84/1A, B B Ganguli Street,Bow Bazar, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +91-33-23371875

Doctor's Name- Dr Anandi Bagchi 
Address- 127, Rashtra Guru Avenue, Dum Dum, Kolkatta-700028
Phone Number- +91-33-25506444

Doctor's Name-  Dr. Gautam Chatterjee 
Address-  16A,Rammohan Dutta Road,Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani, Kolkatta-700020
Phone Number-  +91-33-24764976

Doctor's Name-  Dr. Tapas Kr Chattopadhyay 
Address- 59, J M Ave, Hatkhola, Kolkatta-700005
Phone Number- +91-33-25541522

Doctor's Name-  Dr Prokash Kr Chowdhury 
Address- Grd Floor, 49/1, Dr S P Mukherjee Road, Dum Dum, Kolkatta-700028
Phone Number- +91-33-25493459

Doctor's Name- Dr. Hrishikesh Mandal 
Address- Fl-3 38,Balia Krishna Apartment,Garia, Kolkatta-700084
Phone Number- +91-33-24324770

Doctor's Name-  Dr Diptendra Bagchi 
Address- Cb124,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +91-33-23372468

Doctor's Name- Dr. Debi Dutta 
Address- 15, Ramdhan Mitra La, Shyambazar, Kolkatta-700004
Phone Number- +91-33-25542938

Doctor's Name-  Dr Pallab Kumar Banerjee 
Address-  1/23, Rupchand Mukherjee La, Bhowanipur, Kolkatta-700025
Phone Number- +91-33-24555875

Doctor's Name-  Dr Subhas Kr Rana 
Address- B6/1,Diamond Park,Joka, Kolkatta-700104
Phone Number- +91-33-24975054

Doctor's Name-  Dr Salil Kumar Roy 
Address- 2,Old Mayors Ct,Hatkhola, Kolkatta-700005
Phone Number- +91-33-25556694

Doctor's Name- Dr Somnath Ray 
Address- 40/2J, Kabi Bharati Sarani, Lansdowne, Kolkatta-700029
Phone Number- +91-33-24652723

Doctor's Name-  Dr Tapan Pal 
Address- 3a, Rajendra Nath Sen La, Sovabazar, Kolkatta-700006
Phone Number- +91-33-22412052

Doctor's Name- Dr Pravin Kr Shaw 
Address- Talpukur Bkp, 2, Park Road, Barrackpore, Kolkatta-700120
Phone Number- +919433096776

Doctor's Name-  Dr Pradip Kr Deb 
Address- Bl 3 . Flr 3, Maharani Sarnamoyee Road, Amherst Street, Kolkatta-700009
Phone Number- +91-33-23502655

Doctor's Name- Dr Shiba Prasad Ghosh 
Address- Al252,Sech Bhavan,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700091
Phone Number- +91-33-23585654

Doctor's Name-  Dr Achintya Pramanick 
Address- S10 , Fl 8 , Bl Fc, Sec III, Bidhannagar, Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +91-33-23590990

Doctor's Name- Dr Tapas Roychowdhury 
Address- Fl 2A, Lansdowne, 80, Jatin Das Road, Kolkatta-700029
Phone Number- +91-33-24646247

Doctor's Name-  Dr Bandita Das (Basu) 
Address- CE9,Sector-I,Salt Lake, Kolkatta-700064
Phone Number- +919830288226

Doctor's Name- Dr Tapas Kr Chattopadhyay 
Address- 59, J M Ave, Hatkhola, Kolkatta-700005
Phone Number- +91-33-25541522

Doctor's Name-  Dr Ambar Nath Dey 
Address- 53/1, Dr Meghnad Saha Sarani, [ Sandan Avenue], Kolkatta-700029
Phone Number- +91-33-24665326

Doctor's Name- Dr Barun Kumar Gupta 
Address- 19/4,A K Mukherjee Road,Nawapara, Kolkatta-700090
Phone Number- +91-33-25313866

Doctor's Name-  Dr Tapan Pal 
Address- 3a, Rajendra Nath Sen La, Sovabazar, Kolkatta-700006
Phone Number- +91-33-22412052

Doctor's Name- Dr Gautam Bandyopadhyay 
Address-  77/1L,R K Chatterjee Road,Kasba, Kolkatta-700042
Phone Number- +91-33-24410033

Doctor's Name-  Dr Sundershwar Das
Address- 12,Basanta Bose Road, Kolkatta-700026
Phone Number- +919831027322

Doctor's Name- Dr Nirmalendu Nath 
Address- 118/3,Dhirendra Roy Road(W), Kolkatta-700061
Phone Number- +91-33-24462144

Doctor's Name-  Dr S K Paul
Address- P223,C I T Road,Kankurgachi, Kolkatta-700054
Phone Number- +91-33-23378124

Doctor's Name- Dr Ranjit Kumar Jaiswal 
Address- 5b, Shibtala La, Tangra, Kolkatta-700015
Phone Number- +91-33-22511043

Doctor's Name-  Sahu Dr Arup Kr
Address- Gc12,Fl-B3, Anjali Appt, Narayantala West, Baguiati, Kolkatta-700059
Phone Number- +91-33-25766602

Doctor's Name- Dr Bibhas Paul  
Address- 202D, Karunamoyee Ghat Road, Haridevpur, Kolkatta-700082
Phone Number- +91-33-24024671

Doctor's Name-  Dr Samit Sen 
Address- Fl-2D,Mangalam,58a,Becharam Chatterjee Road,Sarsoona, Kolkatta-700061
Phone Number- +91-33-24063788

Doctor's Name- Dr A K Ghosh 
Address- P289, Mudialy Road, Garden Reach, Kolkatta-700024
Phone Number- +91-33-24697349

Doctor's Name-  Dr Navratan Bansali
Address- Fl 4F, 25D, Harish Mukherjee Road, Bhowanipur, Kolkatta-700025
Phone Number- +91-33-24540909

Doctor's Name- Dr Gopalendu Deb Roy 
Address- 21E, Rani Shankari La, Kalighat, Kolkatta-700026
Phone Number- +91-33-24552486

Here are the contact details of best cardiologists (heart specialist) in Kolkata. Find your nearest one and contact with him/ her through these given information. If you have any query regarding these, do leave a comment below. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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