How to get Your Facebook Profile or Page Verified

Ordinary users usually doesn't need this badge. Do you represent officials such as Celebrities, Journalist, Government officials or Popular brand/business etc? Facebook can't just give away verified status to any account.
This guy got blue badge verified logo on his facebook profile
Some Pages and profiles are verified by Facebook to let people know that they're authentic. You'll see a blue badge  next to a verified Page or profile's name. These Pages and profiles may include:
  • Celebrities and public figures
  • Global brands and businesses
  • Media
If you are indeed one of those (journalist, political figure etc) you can ask for a verification status, but you can't directly ask Facebook to verify your page. I suggest you to make your page as authentic as possible. Add link to the official website, completing the "about" section etc. Anything that will help people recognize your page authenticity. And who knows, maybe they will get yours verified.

What you have to do to get a verified facebook profile?

  • Put a lot of info into your profile. 
  • Promote both your profile and business (celebrity) page with Facebook ads.
Actually Facebook team do that manually. So applying for the verified blue batch is not a smart work. When facebook will think that you need a verified logo, they will provide it manually.
[contributed by- sourajit]

Hope you will find these information useful. Let's try to get a verified logo. Share your view and experience with us. Stay connected to for more updates.

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