How Digital Marketing Companies Help Celebrities Retain Their Popularity?

India is a company made up of many States. In some States such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and even in Northern India, the movie heroes or celebrities are revered as Gods. It is also a true fact many heroes contribute a lot to society through the fans associations on their birthdays, film promotion events and more. However, there is another challenge. They always have to be properly dressed, have a smile on their faces, say only the right words and always be active on social media. In short, it is a true fact, digital marketing companies are helping celebrities (movie stars) retain their popularity status in recent times.

A statement, uttered in the wrong situation or misunderstood can spell disaster for a celebrity or movie star. For example, a senior actor’s comment on intolerance in the country in 2016 led to outrage throughout India. A company, he was endorsing at the time, had second thoughts about renewing his contract. Then, there was the case of a popular actress who went to offer her support to JNU students and accumulated hate/love as well as trolls in equal proportion. 

There are numerous similar situations where a popular actor/actress may have been misquoted, and have received brickbats. However, these days, during such situations, the digital marketing team or company hired by the actor work overnight to generate support for the actors. They also design images and post on social media platforms to gain sympathy & diffuse the negative reactions for the actor. 

Just take a look around your home, when you are commuting to the office or even in social events. People are, in one way or the other, connected to social media. So, without a doubt, the pubic also want their favourite movie stars to have an account on social media platforms, give updates, post photos of their daily life etc. Twitter and Facebook are one of the most important social media platforms used by celebrities to convey their views, news about family events, movie dates & releases. So, you see some platforms are used as an effective tool for communication, promotion as well as charity.

It is up to the digital marketing team or company to design or post images of celebrities in such a way that even the fans seldom differentiate between a normal post and an advertising gimmick. Celebrities look forward to working with digital marketing companies to remain –

  • Engaged with the audience
  • Promote their movies/endorsement products
  • Share updates about their daily life

What are the benefits celebrities receive from their co-ordination with digital marketing companies?

The points are –

  • Retain their fan following
  • Increasing traffic in theatres during movie release
  • Engagement with fan clubs/NGOs on a regular basis
  • Generate support for a social case they believe in
  • Organize charity funded events

Digital marketing companies, when hired by a celebrity, also have their own set of challenges. On their part, they will have to-

  • Identify the perfect target audience
  • Fix goals and objectives of the post
  • The movie star will be very busy. So, they will have to check the content regarding the posts/images
  • They have to remain in constant touch to give updates regarding the recent news to their fans
  • In case of problems with the press or public, they may have to run result-oriented campaigns to gain support for the actor
  • They need to have a proper digital marketing executive only for the celebrity so that he/she can remain dedicated to every social media account
  • Promote every profile created on social media for the celebrity. Make the fans subscribe/become a follower of all social media account.
  • Increase fan following by organic likes/paid campaigns
  • Get the social media pages/accounts verified
  • Take care to post content relevant to the celebrity’s profile
  • Design a proper hash tag every week or month so that the fans can ask questions. Promote different campaigns
  • Organize promotion based events
  • Maintain event-based, post-based calendar 


Are you a Bangalorean who is on the point of becoming a social media celebrity because you acted in a recent movie? Or did you write a novel published by a company that is about to win an international award? Then, you need to be active on social media. If you are finding it difficult to maintain your social media account or remain in touch with friends/relatives/fans, employ the services of a reputed digital marketing company in Bangalore. Select the company which has specialists in SEO, social media marketing services, digital marketing services and more. The team will have many hours discussion with you on selection of posts/images, designing videos, running marketing campaigns to enhance your popularity. The digital marketing head will then decide on a monthly social media campaign to increase your number of fans. 

You will also get nice pointers/tips on the words to be used in public functions, movie releases and more. Till date, it has been proved - celebrities or movie stars who have hired a digital marketing company to retain their public status and popularity have always gained huge benefits.


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