How Much Does Virat Kohli Earn Per Match?

Virat Kohli earns a base salary of INR 7 crores per year from the BCCI. He also earns match fees for playing international cricket. For each Test match, he earns INR 15 lakhs, for each ODI match he earns INR 6 lakhs, and for each T20I match he earns INR 3 lakhs.

In addition to his match fees, Kohli also earns a significant amount from endorsements. He is one of the most popular athletes in the world, and he has endorsement deals with a number of major brands, including Puma, MRF, Audi, Tissot, Toyota, Boost Drink, BSF (Border Security Force), FasTrack, Nike, Red Chief Shoes, Manyavar, TVS, Fair and Lovely, Pepsi Ad, and Flying Machine Ad.
How Much Does Virat Kohli Earn Per Match?
Kohli's total earnings per match vary depending on the type of match. For a Test match, he can earn up to INR 24 lakhs, for an ODI match he can earn up to INR 18 lakhs, and for a T20I match he can earn up to INR 9 lakhs.

In 2022, Kohli's total earnings from cricket were estimated to be around INR 50 crores. This includes his base salary, match fees, and endorsements.

Here is a breakdown of Virat Kohli's earnings per match:
  • Test match: INR 15 lakhs
  • ODI match: INR 6 lakhs
  • T20I match: INR 3 lakhs
Overall, Virat Kohli is one of the highest-paid cricketers in the world. He earns a significant amount of money from both his cricketing career and his endorsements.

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