Top 20 Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars

Bollywood is full of glamour, and the celebs from this world define it in a perfect way. They leave no stone unturned specially when it comes to luxury, whether it is a designer outfit,shoe or a wristwatch. And, when we look at our beloved Bollywood celebs, how can we not talk about their luxury cars? Yes, they too seem be to addicted with luxury cars. So, let us take a look at their garages and find out what drives our Bollywood celebs to work!

1.Hrithik Roshan: The Greek god of Bollywood owns a swanky, classy indigo blue Porsche Cayenne.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 1

2. Katrina Kaif: This automobile aficionado has a rather expensive taste in machines. She owns an Audi Q7 that costs 77 Lakhs.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 2

3. Kriti Sanon: Newest in Bollywood, Kriti isn't far in the league of owning luxury cars. The leggy babe recently bought herself a BMW 3 series which costs 42 Lakhs.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 3

4. Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka Chopra has an amazing collection of cars. She is the only actress to own a Rolls Royce that costs 5 Crores. She also rides a pink Harley Davidson Bike.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 4

5. Ranbir Kapoor: Supremely smitten by cars, this Kapoor lad seems to love the car game too much. Currently, the actor owns a sparkling white Audi A8 that costs 1.2 Crores. He is also seen around driving his Range Rover and Mercedes Benz G63 at times.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 5

6. Ranveer Singh: The royal baba of Bollywood seems to have an amazing taste in cars. Ranveer owns a jaquar XJL which costs 98 Lakhs.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 6

7. Shahid Kapoor: Always seen in his favourite, red beast of Porsche Cayenne, Shahid loves his car to bits. The car is priced at 60 Lakhs.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 7

8. Shahrukh Khan: King Khan of Bollywood loves to drive like a King too. The actor owns a Bugatti Veyron which is priced at a whooping 12 Crores.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 8

9. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: This blue eyed damsel owns an Audi A8, much like Ranbir Kapoor, a crisp white one.
Bollywood Celebs And Their Luxury Cars 9

10. Alia Bhatt: The Audi Q7 seems to be the hot favourite of Bollywood actresses. With Alia Bhatt too owning the same, the swanky car just got a beautiful touch to it. 

11. Amitabh Bachchan: Big B has a truly enviable collection of almost 25 cars and his favourite one happens to be a Rolls Royce that cost 5 Crores. 

12. Anushka Sharma: Seems like this delicate darling has a rather tough preference when it comes to cars. Anushka owns a Range Rover Vogue which costs 3 Crores.

13. Bipasha Basu: Like Katrina Kaif, Bipasha too owns an Audi Q7 which seems to be her favourite.

14. Deepika Padukone: Queen of simplicity, Deepika owns an Audi Q7 and a BMW 5 series.

15. Kangana Ranaut: This rich babe owns a classy white BMW 7 series which costs 1.2 Crores.

16. Aamir Khan: Mr. Perfectionist owns a luxurious Mercedes S600 sedan, which is a customised bomb-proof car. As the actor has been receiving many threats since he launched his much-talked-about show, Satyamev Jayate, he invested in this special armoured car, which reportedly cost him around Rs. 10 crore.

17. Salman Khan: Dabangg Khan of Bollywood is very much obsessed with luxury cars and bikes. His grand collection of cars include BMW X6, Land Rover, Range Rover Vogue and Audi R8. His latest love is his white Lexus LX570!

18. Akshay Kumar: Our very own Khiladi Kumar has a great passion for fast cars. His huge collection includes Porsche Cayenne, Bentley, Mercedes and Ferrari.

19. John Abraham: Though John is more of a super-bike fanatic, he owns several luxury cars, including a 2013 black Lamborghini Gallardo, which is worth Rs. 2.5 crore, approximately, and an Audi Q7, among others. He also has a modified Maruti Gypsy, which looks super-awesome on roads when driven by this Bollywood heartthrob.

20. Parineeti Chopra: She is just 27 and she owns a white Jaguar XJL! Pretty impressive, right?
Well, these luxury rides rightly depict the true style of our uber-chic B-town celebs. So, which celebrity's super-car did you like the most? Just do drop your comment below! Stay connected with Indian Celeb Info for more updates.


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