How Do I Contact Coca-cola Headquarters For Complaint?

The Coca-Cola Company is a large beverages company which does not require any introduction to anyone. The company is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They have a good market share in the US in beverages segment. In last several decades, they are ruling the market with their popular drinks. It is very difficult for any new player to beat them in their own market. Are you an existing customer? Looking for ways to file a complaint with the Coca-cola? If yes, please read ahead!

How do I contact Coca-cola Headquarters for complaint?
1. Send your complaint letter to the company's headquarters

It is one of the best ways to get in touch with company's highest level officials and executives. Please prepare a small and brief letter explaining your complaint to the company's headquarters. Please do not create a long letter with baseless information. If possible, please add related proof, docs, photographs, or anything. After preparing an envelope with your letter, please send your letter to Coca-cola’s headquarters located in Atlanta.

2. Call directly and discuss with company's headquarters staff

Do you have any complaint regarding Coca-cola beverages or food items? Please get in touch with them by calling 1.800.GET.COKE (800.438.2653). Please do not expect highest level executives on the phone. Please describe your concern with proper information. They are more than happy to assist in you.

3. Check Company's Verified Social Media Profiles

It is one of the least effective ways to get in touch with any large company. The Coca-cola beverages company is available on various social media platforms and websites. Please send your issue or concern to their account through personal message. However, we strongly suggest you to either use email, phone or through the mail.

4. Send an email or talk on toll-free number

Are you unhappy customer of Coca-cola? If yes, please send your concern to the relevant department through an email. As a matter of concern, please use customer relations email which is here Please do not send a long letter on this email. Please try to make your case as simple as possible. This is our personal suggestion. For further urgent matter, please dial company’s toll free number which is mentioned in above mentioned website.

5. At the last, send your concern to CEO

Are you still unhappy and not satisfied with company’s customer support? If yes, please get in touch with Coca-Cola Company’s CEO through the mail, email, or on telephone. It is very difficult to talk with CEO on telephone except you are a prominent person or top-level reporter. Please use email address to send your concern to him, here is the email address

Please wait for at least 1 week to get proper response from the CEO or his team. So, best of luck with your concern, and do not forget to share this article among your friends! 

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How Digital Marketing Companies Help Celebrities Retain Their Popularity?

India is a company made up of many States. In some States such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and even in Northern India, the movie heroes or celebrities are revered as Gods. It is also a true fact many heroes contribute a lot to society through the fans associations on their birthdays, film promotion events and more. However, there is another challenge. They always have to be properly dressed, have a smile on their faces, say only the right words and always be active on social media. In short, it is a true fact, digital marketing companies are helping celebrities (movie stars) retain their popularity status in recent times.

A statement, uttered in the wrong situation or misunderstood can spell disaster for a celebrity or movie star. For example, a senior actor’s comment on intolerance in the country in 2016 led to outrage throughout India. A company, he was endorsing at the time, had second thoughts about renewing his contract. Then, there was the case of a popular actress who went to offer her support to JNU students and accumulated hate/love as well as trolls in equal proportion. 

There are numerous similar situations where a popular actor/actress may have been misquoted, and have received brickbats. However, these days, during such situations, the digital marketing team or company hired by the actor work overnight to generate support for the actors. They also design images and post on social media platforms to gain sympathy & diffuse the negative reactions for the actor. 

Just take a look around your home, when you are commuting to the office or even in social events. People are, in one way or the other, connected to social media. So, without a doubt, the pubic also want their favourite movie stars to have an account on social media platforms, give updates, post photos of their daily life etc. Twitter and Facebook are one of the most important social media platforms used by celebrities to convey their views, news about family events, movie dates & releases. So, you see some platforms are used as an effective tool for communication, promotion as well as charity.

It is up to the digital marketing team or company to design or post images of celebrities in such a way that even the fans seldom differentiate between a normal post and an advertising gimmick. Celebrities look forward to working with digital marketing companies to remain –

  • Engaged with the audience
  • Promote their movies/endorsement products
  • Share updates about their daily life

What are the benefits celebrities receive from their co-ordination with digital marketing companies?

The points are –

  • Retain their fan following
  • Increasing traffic in theatres during movie release
  • Engagement with fan clubs/NGOs on a regular basis
  • Generate support for a social case they believe in
  • Organize charity funded events

Digital marketing companies, when hired by a celebrity, also have their own set of challenges. On their part, they will have to-

  • Identify the perfect target audience
  • Fix goals and objectives of the post
  • The movie star will be very busy. So, they will have to check the content regarding the posts/images
  • They have to remain in constant touch to give updates regarding the recent news to their fans
  • In case of problems with the press or public, they may have to run result-oriented campaigns to gain support for the actor
  • They need to have a proper digital marketing executive only for the celebrity so that he/she can remain dedicated to every social media account
  • Promote every profile created on social media for the celebrity. Make the fans subscribe/become a follower of all social media account.
  • Increase fan following by organic likes/paid campaigns
  • Get the social media pages/accounts verified
  • Take care to post content relevant to the celebrity’s profile
  • Design a proper hash tag every week or month so that the fans can ask questions. Promote different campaigns
  • Organize promotion based events
  • Maintain event-based, post-based calendar 


Are you a Bangalorean who is on the point of becoming a social media celebrity because you acted in a recent movie? Or did you write a novel published by a company that is about to win an international award? Then, you need to be active on social media. If you are finding it difficult to maintain your social media account or remain in touch with friends/relatives/fans, employ the services of a reputed digital marketing company in Bangalore. Select the company which has specialists in SEO, social media marketing services, digital marketing services and more. The team will have many hours discussion with you on selection of posts/images, designing videos, running marketing campaigns to enhance your popularity. The digital marketing head will then decide on a monthly social media campaign to increase your number of fans. 

You will also get nice pointers/tips on the words to be used in public functions, movie releases and more. Till date, it has been proved - celebrities or movie stars who have hired a digital marketing company to retain their public status and popularity have always gained huge benefits.

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How do I contact Microsoft Headquarters?

Microsoft is a world famous software and information technology company, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States. In last three decades, they are ruling over the software industry. They sells various IT and related products such as operating system, application software, mobile apps, cloud computing services, hardware parts, and more. The company was co-founded by Bill Gates, one of the richest persons in the world. He also co-founded philanthropy foundation “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” to do charities around the world.

If you are looking for right contact information about Microsoft Headquarters, you must read ahead in this article. So, let’s began!
Microsoft Headquarters
1. Write a simple letter to their headquarters with proper docs
If you are not satisfied with your regional Microsoft office, please get in touch with Microsoft Headquarters. You can find here Microsoft Headquarters information. Please submit your complaint with proper documents, evidence, or with full details. You should explain your problem as short as possible to get quick answer. We suggest you to contact Microsoft Headquarters only on phone or toll free number. This is one of the most popular ways to get in touch with them.

2. Get in touch through corporate office phone number
Are you looking for Microsoft Headquarters contact number? Here it is 1-425-882-8080. This is not toll free number and will be charged according to your mobile plan / telephone plan. Please dial during working hours only. Please do not expect quick response from the team. This is not a dedicated customer support number. For customer support, please visit official website here.

3. Through social media accounts and profiles
In this era of social media websites / platforms, reaching out to the world famous brand is easy. You can follow, or like their official page / handle to get latest updates and raise your query. Please get in touch with Microsoft through social media profiles. Please DM your query to their Page admin / social media manager.

4.  Through an email or toll free number
It is one of the best ways to get in touch with Microsoft Headquarters, located in Redmond, Washington, United States of America. Please submit your complaint, suggestion or query to this email address please make sure you have explained your issue in right way with detailed information. Do not expect quick response. Microsoft will try to give you reply as soon as possible.

Please also note down Microsoft toll free number 1800 102 1100 to get quick help. You can raise your complaint or give suggestion to them on this number. Please explain your problem as short as possible.

Quick Facts About Microsoft Corporation

It is one of the oldest software companies in the US, founded in 1975. The company was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States of America. They have good presence all over the world.

Some of the popular subsidiary companies include Skype, LinkedIn, Wunderlist, Yammer, Swiftkey, and many more. Microsoft Office is their popular application software product. They have majority share in the market of operating system.

The company is listed on NASDAQ with stock name MSFT.
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Semrush Helps Me To Make $$$$$

Semrush Helps Me To Make $$$$$
Semrush is a great SEO tool, no doubt. I have used this tool for a long time. It provided me my website report, backlink report, keywords analysis, competitors' keywords, and many more features. With the help of Semrush, I would be able to outrank my competitors and made $$$$$ from this blog. You have probably known that I have a personal blog named where I have posted an in-depth review of SEMrush, plans, and pricing. It is a great tool for bloggers and webmasters. Hopefully, it will help you to understand how to use Semrush properly to outrank your competitors and rank #1 in SERP (search engine result page). [Check our Medium articleAgain I'm saying I will write an in-depth review of Semrush covering all options provided by semrush so that you feel easy while using Semrush. Using Semrush, I make money from Google Adsense. If you want to make money from Semrush, there are two ways- buy a Semrush paid plan, create a gig on Fiverr to serve the user's competitors' details, and make money. Another one is a little bit tough yet highly profitable if you can execute it properly. It is called Semrush affiliate program that helps you to make 40% of every sale. I know a few people who are making a fortune only by Semrush affiliate program. You can surely give a try; it costs zero. If you have any query related to this post, feel free to ask me. Just leave a comment below. Kindly don't spam. I will reply only to the post related comments. If you find this post interesting, share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Cheers!
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Good Job Sourajit Saha has been registered almost 6 years (5 Years 238 Days) ago. The current domain authority is 26, and current page authority is 31, Spam score 1%, trust flow 12 and citation flow is 33, which is good. This domain has been owned by Sourajit Saha, you can check his bio in about me page or harvard edu page marketing department.

The journey of was incredible. The main idea to form this blog gave Imran Uddin, by an eminent blogger from India. It was started with some details including Indian celebrity's home address, phone numbers, email address. Later, some company’s details including official website, office address, email address has been provided like Bluedart, IRCTC, BSNL etc. Hope for the best for this domain.
Sourajit Saha
Contact Details-

YouTube Channel-
Twitter Handle-
Email ID-
Instagram Profile-
Pinterest Profile-

©Sourajit Saha Production [2014-Till Now]
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Airtel Money Customer Care Number

In-Today’s World, Everyone wants to do cashless Transaction and Airtel had launched a Mobile Application which will help you in making payment’s to your Utilities Bill’s, DTH Bill’s, Mobile Recharge, Electricity Bill’s, Online Shopping, Offline Shopping and more. You can do as many Cashless Transaction with the help of “Airtel Money Mobile Application”. It also promotes Instant Money Transfer from one user to another user.
Airtel Money Customer Care Number
While using Airtel Money many user’s are facing issues like Unnecessary amount deduction, Transfer not Done, Amount Deducted but recharge not done and many other’s. If they want the Solution’s for all there Queries than they should contact the “Customer Care Support Department of Airtel Money” because they have Trained Executives which are hired to solve your queries. We will update & share all “Contact Details of Airtel Money” which includes “Airtel Money Customer Care Number”, Email Id, Office Address and more.
Airtel Money Customer Care Number- 8800012121 (Non-Airtel User)
This helpline is for those User’s who are not using Airtel Network. It is a Chargeable Number and you will get all support. You can also track yours-
1- Airtel Money Complaint Status.
2- Airtel Money Refund Status.

Airtel Money 24×7 Toll Free Helpline- 400 (Airtel User)
For Airtel User’s, they have provided Toll Free Number which means there will be no cost charged from your Network. It is a 24×7 Support and you can contact them anytime from anywhere.
Airtel Money Customer Care Email Id-
That user’s who want to share there Experience, Suggestion, Complaint’s than they can also use their Email Id. Expect the revert in 1 or 2 business day.
Airtel Money Support Department will write the solution and revert back to you to your Email Id.
Airtel Money “Level 1 Team” can be Contact through above-shared Information which includes Customer Care Helpline and Email Id.
If Complaint still remains unsolved than they should contact “Level 2 Team”.
Level 2 Team Support Email Address-
They will resolve the Issue in 10 Working Day’s and They work all Day except National Holiday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.
Airtel Money also has “Level 3 Team” which will take a look at a Complaint if it is unresolved from 30 Day’s.
Level 3 Team Support Office Address-
General Manager
Department of Payment & Settlement Systems,
Reserve Bank of India,
Ground floor, 6 Sansad Marg,
New Delhi- 110001

It is a Direct Address of Department of Payments & Settlement System (DPSS) of the Reserve Bank of India.
Airtel Money Registered Office Address (New Delhi)-
Bharti Crescent, 1 Nelson Mandela Road,
Vasant Kunj, Phase II,
New Delhi – 110 070, India

Airtel Money Corporate Office Address (Gurugram)-
Airtel Center, Plot No. 16,
6th floor, Udyog Vihar, Ph-4,
Gurugram-122001, Haryana,

If any of the Customers or Users want to pay Electricity Bill’s then they should pay it before 3 Day’s than the Due Date to avoid Late Charges. You can pay your Electricity Bills to these Board on the Due Date’s also they will not charge any Late Charges.
  • South Bihar (SBPDCL)
  • North Bihar(NBPDCL)
  • Jaipur(JVVNL)
  • Jodhpur (JVVNL)
  • Chhattisgarh(CSPDCL)
  • West Bengal (WBSEDCL)
After and Before Using, Airtel Money application there are many Question arises in the Mind of the User’s. To get the solutions of these Question’s they should go to the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’S) Page. Where they will get the List of Question’s prepared on the basis of feedback taken by the Customer’s Problem.
Common Questions are How to Transfer Money ?, How to Make Bill’s Payment’s ?, How to Load Cash? , How to Change Pin ? and more.
Airtel Money Team’s also available on popular “Social Profile Platform’s” like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.
  • Facebook Page-
  • Twitter Page-
  • Google Plus Page-
  • Youtube Page-
To Understand the whole process of Airtel Money than users can also go to the Youtube Channel where Demo Video is available.
Quick & Important Link’s are also shared here which could be helpful for “Airtel Money User’s”.
Contact Us-
You will get all Contact Details of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 with Airtel Money Customer Care Number & Office Address.
FAQ’s Page-
You will get Support on FAQ page related to Wallet, Account, Money Transfer, Pin Code related and more.
Official Website Address–
Time to Time Airtel Money also introduce many Special Offer’s, Cash Back Offer’s, Discount’s for there Customer’s or Users. Its Mobile Application is only available for Google Play (Android) and iOS (Apple) Operating System (OS) users. In the End, We suggest all its User’s to make Contact to the Support Department through “Airtel Money Customer Care Number” because it is a quick way to get support and help.
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Pan Card 24×7 Customer Care Number

Pan-Card is an important Document which is required by the Income Tax Department at the time of Filling the Income Tax. All Indian Citizens should have Pan Card with them and it is very important documents now day’s. Citizens should make contact to the Income Tax Pan Services Unit (NSDL e-Governance) and UT Infrastructure Technology Services Limited (UTIITSL) for making the Pan Card.
Pan Card 24×7 Customer Care Number
Benefits of Pan Card-
1- Pan Card can be used as an ID Proof.
2- NRI can do Business if they have Pan Card.
3- You have to Submit Pan Card for Purchasing the Vehicle.
4- It is also Required at the time of Depositing and Withdraw of Rs 50,000 from your Bank.
5- Without Pan Card, you have to Pay high Tax on various Transaction.

Now, you can also Fill the Form Online for New Pan Card.
Pan Card Customer Care Number- 1800 220 306
You can contact the above number anytime from anywhere. But, users always search for the Toll-Free Numbers and that’s why we have shared it here.
Pan Card 24×7 Customer Care Toll Free Helpline- 1800 11 3738 (MTNL/BSNL)
Those who want to make contact with the Pan Card authorities than they should call at the above Pan Card Customer Care Numbers and they are free of Cost nothing will be charged from your Balance. You will get Instant Solution with the help of these Numbers.
Pan Card NSDL Customer Care Contact Details-
National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is an Indian central securities depository based in Mumbai.
NSDL Head Office Address-
Times Tower, 1st Floor, Kamala Mills Compound,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, PIN – 400013

NSDL Branch Office Address-
New Delhi-
409/410, Ashoka Estate Building,
4th floor, Barakhamba Road,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi 110 001.

Telephone Number- (011) 2370 5418 / 2335 3817
Fax- (011) 2335 3756

Address 6A, 6th Floor, Kences Towers,
#1 Ramkrishna Street, North Usman Road,
T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

Contact No- (044) 2814 3917/18
Fax- (044) 2814 4593

Address Unit No. 407, 4th floor,
3rd Eye One Commercial Complex Co-op. Soc. Ltd., C. G. Road,
Near Panchvati Circle,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006

Telephone- (079) 2646 1376
Fax- (079) 2646 1375

Address 5th Floor, The Millenium,
Flat No. 5W, 235/2A, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700 020

Telephone- (033) 2281 4661 / 2290 1396
Fax- (033) 2289 1945

Pan Card NSDL Customer Care Toll Free Number- 1800 180 1961
It is the Toll-Free Helpline which is organized and managed by the NSDL.
Pan Card UTIITSL Customer Care Contact Helpline Numbers-
  • Pan Card Customer Care Number Mumbai- +91(22) 67931300
  • Pan Card Customer Care Toll Free Number Kolkata- +91(33) 22108959, 22424774
  • Chennai Pan Card Customer Care Number- +91(44) 22500426, 22500183
  • Pan Card Customer Care Toll Free Number New Delhi- +91(11) 23211262, 23211273-23211274, 23211285, 23211387
Those who want to make Complaint related to the Pan Card than you can call above Numbers. We are also providing few Url’s here which will help you in getting more Information.
  • Contact Us-
  • Customer Feedback-
  • Official Website of NSDL-
  • Official Website of UTIITSL-
Those who want to Apply Online for the New Pan Card than go to the Official Website which is provided above. Customers can also Give there Feedback by providing information and customer’s will get a reply within 1 or 2 working days.
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Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number

ClubFactory is the Mobile Application which is popular across the World for its latest designs and clothing. They have 1000 plus designer’s from Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway. England, Japan, and More. They design fashionable clothe’s for the users of Club Factory. Recently. they have launched there “Application” in India on Android and iOS platform because they know that India is a growing market and they would get the very good amount of genuine customer’s from this Market. Main competitors are,,,, and More.
Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number
Demands are met by the factories which are located in more than 8 countries. Their main motive is to satisfy all Customer’s who are doing business with them. So. they have a specific department whose name is “Customer Support” and the responsibility of this department is to help all of there customer’s in case of any emergency.
Note- Please don’t share your Payment Details like Credit Card Number, CVV Number, and Password because our visitor’s are facing this issue. Some frauds are Calling them and asking for this payment information.
We are sharing all possible way’s which could be helpful in making contact with there “Support Team”.
Club Factory Customer Email Id-
For any kind of urgency, this is one of the best ways which is used by many users. In addition, you can also share your vies about there services. You can also ask them about the process of Return, Refund, Replacement, and Cancellation.
Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number- +86057186891965 & +18557396868
We have shared two Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number which can be contacted at the time of help. They both could be chargeable. This is the most recommended way of contacting their support team. You can also complain through above Club Factory Customer Care Complaint Number.
Customers should have a right to know all other possible way’s to get help and support. They have a “Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)” section which can be accessed by its “Mobile Application” Only.
To Use this Support, please follow the below Steps.
1- Download its “Mobile Application” from your Mobile Store.

2- Open the “App” and Click on Support Link which is given at right corner at the Bottom.

3- You will be redirected to a Page where you can get support related to Order’s, Shipping, Payment, Return, Product, Account, Feedback, and Service.

4- Open any of them and you will get the list of Question’s with there Answer’s related to that Category.
Here we are sharing some issues or problems which have to face customers during and after the shopping like –
Q: What is the Club Factory Product’s Shipping Charges in India?
A: If you are buying the product over Rs.1949 then Shipping charges otherwise have to ay shipping charges Rs.129.88
Q: Can I cancel my Order?
A: If your product has been shipped then you can not cancel your order. Only before the shipping your products, you can cancel your products.
There are available lots of question and issues regarding Club Factory Customer Care in FAQ Section, where you can find your solution.
First of All, contact their “Support Team” via there Email Address because many of there user’s have reported that they are facing issues in making the connection via above shared “Club Factory Customer Care Helpline Number”.
We urge all of our viewers, please don’t purchase anything from them because they are not delivering any product’s after receiving the payment. If you want to purchase anything than choose “Cash on Delivery” as a payment option.
Please, share this article so that other users should also know the truth about
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